Thought Leadership Programme

The CSZ Thought Leadership Programme is an initiative designed to help our members and their organisations stand out in the technology space as subject matter experts. We are doing this through opening our platforms to you to publish articles (blogs and press articles), reports and whitepapers on various topics within ICTs. By so doing, you are getting an open opportunity to share your knowledge, insights and experience with other members, our partners and the ICT community in general.

Why should you participate?
There are many reasons why you should aspire to take advantage of this opportunity:

  • Build your personal brand
  • Become a recognized expert through published work
  • Grow your influence outside CSZ
  • Collaborate with other thinkers in your field

What’s the process?

Publishing through this programme in 6 easy steps:

  1. The simple publication process
  2. Conceptualize an idea/process
  3. Develop an outline/abstract
  4. Submit outline/abstract
  5. Write your article/paper
  6. Submit for review
  7. Publish

Download the detailed publishing handbook and learn more about how eligible publications are adjudicated, publication standards, how to write outlines, referencing, limitations as well as tips and recommendations.