The @ Company, in association with the Computer Society of Zimbabwe, has launched an exciting Appathon in Zimbabwe and several other territories running from the 1st of February to the 14th of March! Learn more about the format, dates, eligibility and how to register below.

Challenge: Build a mobile app on the @protocol, an open, permission-based protocol that makes great user experience and automatic privacy compliance easy.

Event Format: February 2021: Form the Winning Team
March 2021: @ppathon Workshops, Pitches, Team Selection
April-May 2021: Mentorship Prize

Prize: We will select up to three teams to win $500 cash (to get their @pp in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore), $1,000 @sign for their @pp, along with a 6-week period of mentorship.

Ideal Applicants: The @ Company is seeking teams of 2-5 emerging entrepreneurs and app developers who desire to be first to market for a consumer app on the @protocol. Applicants are close to graduation or recently graduated.

Teams: You can have 2-5 members in a team, including members in business, marketing and entrepreneurship combined with computer engineering (knowing DART and Flutter is awesome and essential for developing on the @protocol and they are easy to learn).

Applications Due: February 26, 2021

If you are interested, sign up here:

Download the Appathon handbook below

atProtocol – Appathon II Handbook