Our History

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe was founded in 1974 with one objective, that of benefiting the Computer Industry and all people who work in it. The Society’s aims were to educate the general public on the use and development of Electronic Data Processing, today more widely known as Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It set itself up to bring people using computers together, to set up standards within the industry and to promote computers and their use in scientific, education and commercial environments. The developments in the Information Technology Industry over the last two decades have meant that the Computer Society of Zimbabwe has had to examine and update its position in the light of these developments.

Past Presidents

Year Winner
1974/1975 Mr W R Mills
1975/1977 Mr B J Tipler*
1977/1978 Mr G R Fairall
1978/1979 Mr O A Oosthuizen *
1979/1981 Mr J M Dawson
1981/1983 Mr E W Tipler*
1983/1984 Mr G R Fairall
1984/1986 Mr A J M Watermeyer
1986/1988 Dr E Zwangobani
1988/1990 Mrs J M Whiley
1990/1991 Mr H M de Oliveira
1991/1995 Mr L D Gudza
1995/1996 Mr H M de Oliveira
1996/1999 Mr A S Sithole *
1999/2000 Mr D C Zinyengere
2000/2002 Dr F S Mhlanga
2002/2004 Mr A C Alegria
2004/2006 Mr L D Gudza
2006/2009 Mr P Gorova
2009/2013 Mr A Mukusha
2014/2018 Dr Gilford Hapanyengwi
2018/current Mudiwa Mvere
NB: (* deceased)

Past Awards

J F Carlisle Award

Year Winner
1977/78 Mr J M Dawson
1978/79 Mr E W Tipler
1979/80 No Award Made
1980/81 Mr J C Kerrigan
1981/82 Mr B J Tipler
1982/83 Mr E W Tipler
1983/84 Mr J Plowman
1984/85 No Award Made
1985/86 Mr G R Fairall
1986/87 Mr B D Roberts
1987/88 Mr B J Tipler
1988/89 Mr S L Mautsa
1989/90 Mr C T McCabe
1990/91 Mr K H Foreman
1991/92 Mr P T Whitehead
1992/93 Mrs J M Whiley
1993/94 Mr J M Dawson
1994/95 Mr A S Sithole
1995/96 No award
1996/97 Mr A S Sithole
1997/98 No award
1998/99 No award
1999/2000 Mr E W Tipler
2000/01 Mr H Maimbo
2001/02 No award
No further awards made

President’s Award

Year Winner
1983 Mr Hughan Welsh
1984 Mrs Jan Grimmel
1990 Mr Alan Metcalfe
1995 Mr Geoff Fairall
1998 Mr Ted Tipler
2004 Mrs Faith Macheke

Jean Van Vught Award

Year Winner
1990 Mr Alastair Watermeyer
1991 Prof John Shochot (University of the Witswatersrand)
1992 Mr Peter Haysom (ICL, UK)
1993 Prof John Shochot (University of the Witswatersrand)
1994 Prof Trevor Crossman (University of Natal)
1995 Prof John Shochot (University of the Witswatersrand)
1996 Mr Ivor Rankin
1997 Mr David Govere
1998 Mr Ray Folcarelli
1999 Mr Ray Folcarelli
2000 Mr Alastair Watermeyer
2001 Mr Alastair Watermeyer
2002 Ms Faith Ntabeni-Bhebe
2003 Mr Alex Madzivire
Since replaced by the Best Speaker Award

Dave Roberts Award

Year Winner
2003 Brian Mukudzavhu

G R Fairall Award

Year Winner
Mr Ted Tipler, Bulawayo
Mrs Lorraine Rodrigues, Bulawayo
Mr Neil Hamilton-Browne, Harare
Mr Eliada Gudza, World Links, Harare
Mr Brian Foakes, Peterhouse, Marondera
Ms Geraldine Bird, Christian Bros, Bulawayo
Mrs Mandy Read
Mr Petros Basopo
Don Bosco Harare

PC World Award

Year Winner
1994 Mr A J M Watermeyer Microcom
1995 Mr G M Radtke Microcom
1996 Mr R D Whiley Microcom