The annual ICDL training centre workshops which took place in Harare and Bulawayo, were well attended (85 and 45 delegates respectively). Once again, it was an opportunity to update centre representatives on ICDL  internationally, regionally and nationally. Some highlights from the presentations:

  • the number of worldwide ICDL registrations was approaching 10 million.
  • ICDL was now available in Afghanistan and in 145 countries worldwide.
  • the Egyptian Government had ordered 1 million skills cards (registrations) for its government employees.
  • the Kenya Government had designated ICDL as the official entry-level IT syllabus.
  • ICDL in Africa is now receiving co-ordinated attention under a new organization and a new banner : ICDL AFRICA, with some 16 countries on the continent now offering ICDL.
  • In Zambia, twenty new centres had been opened in 2009 with a  thousand registrations so far.
  • The Malawi Polytechnic recently launched its ICDL program in Blantyre.
  • In Zimbabwe, E Flash, the centre which issued the 50000th skills card was presented with an award to mark this national milestone.
  • Njerenje School near Chimoio in Mozambique has been teaching and testing ICDL for a number of years.


#1 Casi grandd 2011-09-30 10:12
i wish these efforts will lead zimbabwe towards a brighter day.

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