The Society is administered by a National Council who meet every quarter to receive reports and make decisions regarding policy and control of Society activities and on the day to day running of Society business.

The day to day business of the Society is handled by the Chapter Committees and by the Secretariat.

The Chapter Committees' activities include:

• Functions These are usually open meetings at which an invited speaker addresses members and guests either on technical issues or topical issues. They may also be social functions such as lunches, dinners or cocktail parties.
• Membership Liaison. Existing members are invited to put forward their views at discussion sessions held during the monthly functions, and applications for membership are welcomed.
• Education The Chapters are involved with education of members and the general public via functions and seminars. They are also tasked with providing guidance and assistance for schools and colleges teaching Information Technology subjects, and with annual inspections of Training Establishments who are Accredited to the Computer Society.
• Special Projects These involve organisation of projects such as lectures, seminars, surveys, competitions and meetings which may occur on a "one-time-only" or regular basis.
• Summerschool The Society holds an annual residential seminar known as Summerschool, for members at a resort hotel. This is organised by Harare Chapter committee, and over the years has become a high calibre national event attended by members of both Chapters. The programme usually includes discussions regarding Computer Society activities.
• Business School Harare Chapter organises an annual workshop aimed at improving management skills for I T Managers, and includes cross border participants.

The Secretariat handles the main day to day administrative workload of the Society including:

• Membership Register Maintenance of an up-to-date register of members names and addresses, and provision of labels for circulation of function and special notices, newsletters, ballots etc.
• Membership Billing. Billing of annual membership subscriptions, receipting these when they are received and sending out statements as required.
• Accredited Training Establishments Register Maintenance of an up-to-date register of accredited training establishments.
• International Computer Driving Licence Test centre accreditation and administration of the ICDL within Zimbabwe