The Computer Society of Zimbabwe was founded in 1974 with one objective, that of benefiting the Computer Industry and all people who work in it. The Society's aims were to educate the general public on the use and development of Electronic Data Processing, today more widely known as Information Technology. It set itself up to bring people using computers together, to set up standards within the industry and to promote computers and their use in scientific and commercial environments.

The developments in the Information Technology Industry over the last two decades have meant that the Computer Society of Zimbabwe has had to examine and update its position in the light of these developments.

The principal aims of the society are:

1. To promote knowledge to members of the Society and the general public with regard to the development and use of Information Technology.
2. To ensure that, in the development of Information Technology systems, due and proper regard is paid to the rights and privileges of the general public.
3. To facilitate the exchange of views between members of the Society on Information Processing and related technologies.
4. To encourage research and development in, and to actively seek to improve techniques and knowledge of, Information Technology and to disseminate this information amongst members of the Society and the public through the medium of journals, circulars, publications, lectures, seminars, conferences, or by any other method which the Society may from to time deem fit.
5. To establish and maintain facilities for the collection and use of literature, films and other material relating to the principles and practices of Information Technology.
6. To establish professional standards for persons employed in the field of Information Technology and to ensure that these standards are maintained.
7. To encourage the integration of Information Technology plans and programmes in the national programmes for development of science and technology