So it happened, the first ever Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) Golf Day was held on 17 August 2012 and what a day it was! The event, which was well received by both the non-golfers and the golf players who graced the occasion - particularly during the morning session, helped shed a lot of light on the nature and activities of the Society. Special mention should also go to the esteemed representation of the ICT Ministry at the event in the form of the Principal Director (PD), Mr Cosmas Chigwamba. Several corporates were well represented including the likes of Zimplats, Old Mutual and Royal Mutual Insurance (RMI), Fintech, Axis Solutions and ZIMRA to name a few.


Dr Gilford Hapanyengwi -
Main Speaker at the function
The proceedings kicked off with a special congratulatory message by the CSZ Vice President, Lee Taaziva, to all guests for being the first ever participants at the occasion and this was followed by a brief welcome by the CSZ President Atwell Mukusha who reiterated on the importance of the occasion to both the industry and the Society citing the need to make it an annual event. This was followed by a very enlightening presentation by former Vice President of the CSZ, Dr Gilford Hapanyengwi, who had the entire Golf Bag kit defining the essence of a Computer Society in a nation like Zimbabwe. The Doctor mentioned how, originally, the Computer Society was formed to protect companies from ICT employees who were arguably the most dangerous asset a - company could own. However, in this new era, a Society is now more than relevant considering the high penetration of ICTs into nearly every industry and economic sector and the high convergence of technology that has seen several previously independent gadgets all collapse into single hybrid devices. A copy of the presentation can be found here.

The PD then addressed the delegates emphasizing on how the Ministry holds the CSZ in very high regard and anticipates the body to be the leader in most if not all ICT initiatives on behalf of the ICT fraternity. Key to the body’s deliverables were issues like participation in formulation and maintenance of ICT policies, ethics in the industry, consolidation and standardisation of educational curricula with respect to ICT education and professionalism in ICT.


One of the 7 teams putts away on the green
The PD Officially kick-starts the tournament
Onto the sport itself and this was quite an exciting day for most with some amateurs taking to the field against some seasoned golfers. The PD, Mr Chigwamba, made sure he hit the first ever stroke despite being clad in his pricey formal suit, and this signalled the beginning of the tournament. A total of 7 teams participated and the first ever Player of the Tournament award, worth a whopping USD$1700 compliments of Yo Africa, was won by one of the Axis Solutions representatives, Jimmy Tavengwa, with Chris Musoni from RMI grabbing the second prize despite sharing the same points with the winner and losing only after count back was employed.




Mr Tavengwa receives the grand prize





Several other prizes were issued out for various categories including the infamous Most Golfer award which was resoundingly won by L Taaziva. In his defence Taaziva confessed that he had no prior experience with a golf club but promised to fare much better next year especially considering he got offered 2 free training hours by the grand prize winner who also happens to be a golf trainer.

The event then ended with delegates engaging in networking and social sessions over some snacks and drinks kindly sponsored by Delta Corporation and this lasted quite deep into the night.

Commenting on the event some of the attendees commended the CSZ for the initiative and expressed optimism that this was an event destined to become quite huge and endeared by corporates in the country and maybe even beyond. The organisers expressed immense gratitude for the support they received from Integrated Digital Security Solutions (IDSS), Delta Corporation and ICDL in CSA Trust who helped make the event a success. The CSZ team now have their sights fully focused on their next major event, the Summer School which will be at the Elephant Hills, Victoria Falls, in November this year.


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